Office of the Mayor

2016 is starting off to be an exciting year for Darby!  I started my role as newly elected Mayor of Darby on the 4th of January and we are already making great strides in responding to the needs of our community!

I have been meeting with the Darby Rodeo Association to clear a pathway for this important community group to expand their events (and the resulting impact on our community) with the addition of skyboxes to the Darby Arena!  This generous contribution by the Darby Rodeo Association not only adds to the events hosted at the Darby Arena but helps the Town of Darby market the Arena to other promoters.

The Darby Rodeo Association has been very patient as I work through all the paperwork hoops to insure both parties are moving forward in a positive relationship for the benefit of our community.

I have been reaching out to medical service providers to inquire about bringing a clinic to our community!  The need for a medical clinic to serve the needs of our residents and our greater community through the south end of the valley became very clear as I talked to community members through the campaign.

We have several options that are looking very promising and I will expand on those possibilities as they develop.

The Darby School District has reached a decision on fiber optic provider!  Thanks to their consideration of the needs of the community, there will be the possibility of expanding the fiber optic broadband services to the town.  As soon as everything is formalized I can start to research a pathway and time frame for high speed broadband internet services to be available in Darby!

I will continue to investigate new ways to increase benefits to our community and ways we can add jobs and families to Darby.  It will take some time for me to intelligently understand the complexity of our communities finances to prioritize the needs of businesses and residents alike- but we’ll get there!

Together, we can move forward in a positive manner for the benefit of the community.

JC McDowell

Mayor of Darby